Dear person,

I am sorry to tell you that I’ve been neglecting the existences of this little place on the internet. I have been ignoring it. Pretending that it didn’t exist. All of this to try to keep my mind on things that I needed to do. But than when my mind would get overwhelmed, instead of writing here, I would watch movies, drink some beers or wines with friends or do other random things that I actually shouldn’t be doing..

Lets quickly look back. During the last half of the year I moved out of my parents house, had the introduction weeks from my university, started university, became an active member of a student association, got a lot of great friends, got a boyfriend, failed my module, moved houses again, broke up with my boyfriend, started the 3rd module and decided to do more things that make me a bit more relaxed. And that is what I’m at now.

Slightly confused about what to do with my life (gosh this sounds way more dramatic than I meant), I am now looking at the future like it is a bright thing. Things will get better, I will figure this out and one day I sure will be completely happy again.

But I shouldn’t be talking about myself that much, there is no need to and this is not helping you in any way. So to still kind of help you as well, I wrote down some things that might help you. These are some of the things I learned during the last few months

  1. Dare to ask how the washing machine works, not asking it only makes your clothes go weird.
  2. Focus on things that make you happy, sometimes those things can be extremely boring, but the result of these things might make things better.
  3. Friends are important, they are your family in a new city. When non of your actually family can be there, they will be there. They’ll help you and support you in hard decisions.
  4. Clean dishes within 24 hours.

There is probably a lot more that I learned, but I cant think of it right now.

With love,

One week in Paradise

vacation 2

Since I was a little girl I have never felt on vacation in my own country. We used to always go to France and the long drive before arriving was part of my summer vacation feeling. When we would finally arrive, everything would feel like our own little paradise. The sun burning a little on your skin, the cool sea breeze trough my hair. Everything screamed “Summer Vacation!” But the last few years we haven’t been on an actual family vacation, until now. We are in a new place that feels like paradise.

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Maybe I Should

It is Monday morning again. ( Not yet, I’m writing this on Sunday evening) This week is going to be fun. I am going away a few days with my family and we are all really looking forward to it. But since I didn’t really have anything planned for the Monday Morning, I decided to write something according to one of the ‘daily posts’. What is on your Maybe I Should.. list??

IMG_2371 met effect

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A bit late MM

Dear Monday morning,

you might have noticed that it isn’t actually morning, or Monday.. Its Tuesday afternoon when i’m writing this.. Oops.
If been busy and things didn’t go as planned, so that’s why the other 2 post didn’t go online as well. I didn’t write them on time, but i am going to do that tomorrow, if i can find the time. Okay lets stop rambling and take a look at this ‘new’ week (that has already started a bit..)Read More »

New Life

cropped-dsc_0080-incl-naam.jpgSince i have been ignoring the existence of this blog, my blog for the past few weeks, months.. maybe even longer, I decided that it was time to get behind my desk and start actually writing something down. I figured that a little Q&A kind of post would be the best idea for now. So if you click on the button down below, you may find some of your own questions, answered by me, myself and I. Hope you enjoy it as much as i did answering and thinking about this stuff!
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