A short look back at some opportunities that occurred in the past year. A bit personal, but possibly something that more people experience.


Why I am not asleep

I know that the title could be seen as too long to be a title, but I personally like knowing what I am gonna read about. A title is there to trigger something, a thought or process being started. Sometimes it tells me if something is what I am, or am not looking for, and … Continue reading Why I am not asleep


Dear person, I am sorry to tell you that I've been neglecting the existences of this little place on the internet. I have been ignoring it. Pretending that it didn't exist. All of this to try to keep my mind on things that I needed to do. But than when my mind would get overwhelmed, … Continue reading Presence

One week in Paradise

Since I was a little girl I have never felt on vacation in my own country. We used to always go to France and the long drive before arriving was part of my summer vacation feeling. When we would finally arrive, everything would feel like our own little paradise. The sun burning a little on … Continue reading One week in Paradise

Maybe I Should

It is Monday morning again. ( Not yet, I’m writing this on Sunday evening) This week is going to be fun. I am going away a few days with my family and we are all really looking forward to it. But since I didn’t really have anything planned for the Monday Morning, I decided to … Continue reading Maybe I Should

2 weeks in which life has changed completely

You can try to plan your life completely but soon enough things wont go as you planned them. The last two weeks were crazy. Absolutely did not went the way I planned it, not even a way that I figured to be possible. Life surprised me, again.  This is probably gonna be a post full … Continue reading 2 weeks in which life has changed completely

A bit late MM

Dear Monday morning, you might have noticed that it isn't actually morning, or Monday.. Its Tuesday afternoon when i'm writing this.. Oops. If been busy and things didn't go as planned, so that's why the other 2 post didn't go online as well. I didn't write them on time, but i am going to do … Continue reading A bit late MM

Monday Morning

Hello Monday, To me you are an other beginning, a beginning to a hopefully beautiful week! Besides that I'm happy to see you again, I've got some other stuff to tell you as well. I'm gonna do some (fun) stuff this week. Lets just jump in to it! Today I woke up, feeling a little … Continue reading Monday Morning